Fendson American Electric Guitar - Tahlequah, Oklahoma USA
Fendson® Deluxe Series

** FGD01 Blue Royale®
** FGD02 Windsor Special®
** FGD03 Irish Shamrock®
** FGD04 LaFayette®
** FGD05 Pearly Queen®
** FGD06 Versailles®
Fendson® Gauntlet Series

** FGG11 Junior Std®
** FGG12 Standard W®
** FGG13 Standard B®
** FGG14 Standard W-T®
** FGG15 Standard B-T®
** FGD16 Standard O-T
Fendson® Sniper Series

** FGS91 Sniper I®
** FGD92 Sniper II®
** FGD93 Sniper III®
Rick Leroy Fendsen
Rick Fendsen of Fendson Guitar - Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Rick Leroy Fendsen, the creator of Fendson® Guitars, and owner of Fendson Music Corp. Tahlequah, Ok, United States of America
FENSON® Music Corp.
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Fendson® Electric Guitars
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Fendson® Guitars is a company based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma USA. Fendson® guitars are american hand crafted instruments and are the worlds most wanted contemporary axes made of the finest materials and components with the feel, sound an playability far beyond their cost.
A true line of limited edition beautiful instruments that anyone would be proud to own. Fendson® guitars are made in small quantities with great care towards quality and consistency. To keep the Fendson® line as fresh as possible, we are constantly experimenting with new colors, finishes and exotic woods. A majority of Fendson® guitars are pre sold so it is important to check with us on availability of certain models and colors.

Fendson® Guitars has exclusive dealerships so check out our pricelists for the best prices around. Please feel free to contact the company via e-mail, phone, fax or drop in if you have any questions

The Fendson® Factory - Tahlequah, Oklahoma USA
- The Fendson® Factory - Tahlequah, Oklahoma -

Fendson® Electric Guitars
386 Montgomery Burns Ave
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
United States Of America

Concerning with e-mails, allow up to a couple of weeks for a reply. Fendson® Guitars responds to all e-mails sent to the company. If you do not get a response after a reasonable time, we did not get your e-mail so please try again.

Please read all pages carefully if you are considering ordering anything from Fendson® Guitars.
All prices in American dollars and subject to change without notice. Fendson® guitars are covered by relevant warranties. Fendson® Guitars/Fendson Music Corp. accepts PayPal. Pay by credit card from anywhere in the world using this service.

Barney Matthew Gumble
Fendson Customers Service

Fendson Guitars from Tahlequah, Oklahoma - USA
386 Montgomery Burns Avenue
Tahlequah, Oklahoma - USA

As part of our commitment to improve design and quality of our instruments, Fendson Guitars
& Rick Fendsen reserve the right to change pricing and specifications without notice.

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