The Halfnelson cover revamped for "2 Originals of Sparks"

2 Originals Of Sparks - Double package Lp from UK

In 1975, after Sparks' huge success in Europe, Bearsville Records reissued Sparks' first self-tiled album and "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing". This double package was called "2 Originals Of Sparks" and was released in the United Kingdom for the european market.

This combination of the first two albums came with a revampted cover of the original design of the very first "Halfnelson" Lp. - Read more...
Included was a beautiful deluxe 16 pages large booklet printed on glossy paper. Here we could find the history of the band by ex-Sparks' manager Joseph Fleury, plenty of photos, lyric sheets and Ron Mael and Russell Mael themselves commenting each song. This double package is a pretty scarce item nowadays.
Most of informations regarding Sparks on this website were taken from this fantastic booklet.

Sparks Halfnelson Bearsville album Lp - 2 Originals Of Sparks
Sparks Self Titled Bearsville Album reissue - 2 Originals Of Sparks

When it came time to design the very first album cover the band decided to use an old photo which looked like a promotional photo from General Motors of a model in an automobile. The album came out in 1971 under the name "Halfnelson" but didn't have much impact on its initial release...
Bearsville suggested the boys change their monicker and the record company thought the album should be repackaged under the name "Sparks" with a revamped packaging too. - Read more about the original cover...

Sparks Bearsville second album Lp - 2 Originals Of Sparks
Sparks A Woofer In Tweeters Clothing Album Cd reissue - 2 Originals Of Sparks

When "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" was released in 1972 Sparks decided to propose an obvious cover with a very classic photography of the band. A photo session was scheduled with photograph and friend Larry Dupont in the basement of the UCLA Ethnic Arts Museum.
Strangely the band decided to put a blurred shot on the front album cover and a "straight" pic from the same photo session was used as Lp back cover.
- Read more about the original cover...

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