Sparks Mael - The early years oF Ron and Russell Mael's band
Ron Mael & Russell Mael have been the constant factor in Sparks. The first incarnation of the band was called Halfnelson. Discover Sparks' early years thru these pages...
Halfnelson/Sparks Mael -Story The early years
Ron Mael & Russell Mael formed Halfnelson, way back in 1969. Halfnelson was a trio, including friend electro-whizz Earle Mankey on guitar. - read more...
Halfnelson demo album Lp - Halfnelson demos 1969
HALFNELSON / Unreleased Demo
The Halfnelson's demo Lp consisted of twelve songs, all written by the Maels, which was sent out to record companies. Later this demo turned up on a bootleg. - read more...
Halfnelson/Sparks Mael live gigs and shows
SPARKS / Concerts
After the release of their first album, Halfnelson played some live gigs but the band had some trouble in attempting live versions of some of their songs. - read more...
Halfnelson self-titled Bearsville album Lp
HALFNELSON / Halfnelson Lp
Halfnelson decided to use an old promotional photo with a model in an automobile for their first album cover. The story of this cover by Harley Feinstein. - read more...
Sparks TV shows - American Bandstand Dick Clark
SPARKS / American Bandstand
When the single "Wonder Girl" was released S
parks appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand TV show aired the 29 th of July 1972.
-
Sparks Mael self-titled Bearsville album Lp
SPARKS / Bearsville reissue Lp
Halfnelson changed their name to Sparks. The Lp was revamped with a more obvious cover and
a single was released from the re-issued album. - read more...
Sparks Mael Urban Renewal Project - Russ and Ronnie Mael
MAELS / Urban Renewal Project
One year before Halfnelson, the Maels brothers had been in Urban Renewal Project. At least one song was recorded with the band : "Computer Girl"
-
Sparks Mael "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" Bearsville album Lp
SPARKS / Second Bearsville Lp
Sparks' "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" was produced by James Lowe. If the band do have a European influence, it's to be found on this record.
-
Sparks Russell Mael Germany - Germany/Swiss TV Show 1972
SPARKS / First European Tour
In November 1972 Sparks attempted their first assault to Europe. The band played in England, Switzerland & Holland. Some infos by Harley Feinstein.
-
Sparks Bearsville second album Lp - Blurred cever
SPARKS / The blurred cover
Strangely the band decided to put a blurred shot on the original front cover of "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" Lp.
The story by Harley Feinstein. -
Sparks Holland Netherlands - European Tour 1972
SPARKS / In Aloha Magazine
A review by Constant Meijers & Ruud Swart first published on line by FanMael website - Published here by courtesy of Carl Van Breukelen.
- read the review...
Sparks Discography - Girl From Germany Single France
SPARKS / Complete Discography
Halfnelson/Sparks' singles & albums with pic sleeves. The almost complete discography listed by Christophe "Dr Outerspace" Horlin from Belgium.
-
Fan Mael Sparks Site - Carl Van Breukelen & Ruud Swart
SPARKS / Fan Mael Website
FanMael was the reference tool with loads of hard to get infos on there. But recently Carl Van Breukelen have decided to discontinue the website.
-
2 Originals of Sparks Mael Bearsville double package Lp
SPARKS / Sources of informations
Most of informations regarding Sparks on this website were obtained from a review by Joseph Fleury printed into "2 Originals Of Sparks" booklet.
-
SPARKS / Band members bios
Sparks Mael - Ronald Mael - Half Nelson
Sparks Mael - Russell Mael - Half Nelson
Sparks Earl Mankey - Half Nelson
Sparks James Mankey - Half Nelson
Sparks Harley A Feinstein - Half Nelson
Ron Mael, Russell Mael, Earle Mankey, James "Jim" Mankey & Harley A. Feinstein were members of the first incarnation of Sparks and played on Bearsville albums.
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SPARKS / Associates bios
Sparks John Mendelsohn - Half Nelson
Sparks Surly Oswald - Half Nelson
Sparks Todd Rundgren - Half Nelson
Sparks James Lowe - Half Nelson
Sparks Albert Grossman - Half Nelson
Mendelsohn & Oswald played with Halfnelson. Todd Rundgren & James Lowe produced Sparks' Lps, Albert Grossman was the owner of Bearsville Records.
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to the Sparks Kimono My House era
SPARKS 1973-1974
Sparks Kimono My House album
to the Sparks Propaganda album
SPARKS 1974-1975
Sparks Propaganda album
to the Sparks Big Beat era
SPARKS 1976-1977
the Maels moved to New York
Sparks Mael Russell Mael and Ron Mael Comic Strips
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