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Musically the Power-Pop style is characterized by strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies, solid beat and instrumental solos kept to a minimum. Usually pop groups hew to the traditional rock band instrumentation of electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, with sometimes electric keyboards added.
Power Pop - Halfnelson Sparks
SPARKS THE EARLY YEARS / The story of the band of Ron & Russell Mael
Ron Mael & Russell Mael formed the first incarnation of Sparks, way back in 1969. Sparks/Halfnelson was a quintet with Earle Mankey on guitar, James "Jim" Mankey on bass & Harley Feinstein on drums. Read the most comprehensive pages on the web about Sparks' early years including biography, complete discography, rare photos pics and exclusive informations from drummer Harley Feinstein. - go to :
Power Pop - The Toy Dolls
THE TOY DOLLS STORY / Starring guitarist Michael "Olga" Algar
The Toy Dolls is a punk rock trio centred around lead singer and skilled guitarist Michael "Olga" Algar. The band have long been a cult attraction, their hyperactive anthems to the absurd earning them a dedicated following. The Toy Dolls achieved a UK Top 5 chart hit in 1984. Read these pages about Olga's Toy Dolls including biography, complete albums and single discographies and exclusive live pics. - go to :
Power Pop - Martin Gordon
MARTIN GORDON / The story of a legendary english power-pop artist
Martin Gordon is a bassist, a singer, a songwriter and a producer. Formerly bass player with Sparks, Jet, Radio Stars and John's Children, Martin Gordon was the bass player who played on Sparks' "Kimono My House" album. Read the most comprehensive pages in french on the web about Marin Gordon including biography and complete albums and single discographies. - go to
Power Pop - Jet Glam-Rock
THE JET BAND / Introducing Martin Gordon, Chris Townson and Andy Ellison
Formed in 1974, after Martin Gordon placed an advert, which former John's Children and Jook drummer Chris Townson replied to. Andy Ellison, who'd been vocalist with John's Children, was lured into the band, as was guitarist Davy O'List. Jet album, which was produced by Roy Thomas Baker. By the Summer of 1976, the band had disintegrated. Six months later Jet re-emerged in Radio Stars. - go to :
Power Pop - Radio Stars
THE RADIO STARS / Punk power-pop from England
Radio Stars was formed in 1977 by Andy Ellison (vocals), Ian McLeod (guitar) and Martin Gordon (bass), all of whom were previously members of Jet. A series of tongue-in-cheek singles, including "Dirty Pictures" and "Nervous Wreck", captured the quartet's brand of quirky power-pop/punk. Read the pages (in french) about Radio Stars including biography and complete albums and single discographies. - go to :
Power Pop - John's Children
JOHN'S CHILDREN / Starring Andy Ellison (Radio Stars) & Marc Bolan (T-Rex)
Formed in the late '60s John's Children recorder half-dozen singles and the band was acclaimed as pre-glam rockers of sorts by power-pop historians. Marc Bolan - soon to become T-Rex - was briefly a member of John's Children. Andy Ellison and Chris Townson were later involved with Jet, and Radio Stars in the '70s and bassist John Hewlet managed Sparks. Read the page (in french) about John's Children. - go to :
Power Pop - Paul Collins' Beat
THE PAUL COLLINS' BEAT / Real power-pop was made in the USA
The Nerves and The Beat (US) anticipated the power-pop explosion of the 70's. Paul Collins was an important figure on the LA pop-rock scene who penned an album which is still considered as the best disc of power-pop ever. Read the most comprehensive international (english, spanish & french) pages on the web about The Beat including biography, complete album discography and rare pics. - go to :
Power Pop - Alice Cooper Special Forces
ALICE COOPER IN PARIS / Special Forces in France - French TV-Show DVD
In 1981 Alice Cooper backed by Special Forces shot a TV Special in Paris for the french audience. It`s never been aired in the UK or US. This exceptional show was recorded in Paris in December 1981 just before the start of the "Special Forces" european tour. All the first songs of this broadcast were filmed in several characteristic and typically touristic places of the french city. - go to :
Russell Mael - Ron Mael & Russell Mael - Sparks Maels
For the french speaking fans among us, here are pages of the Sparks' "french corner" from Graphik Designs huge section about this band. More informations, different files, photos, pics and rarities along thirty full pages. Read the most comprehensive pages (in french) on the web about Ron Mael & Russell Mael's band. Including biography, discography, rare pics and exclusives informations. - go to :
Power Pop - Dominic Earle
DOMINIC EARL / An Englishman who has fallen in love with the Basque Country
Dominic Earl formed his first group at the age of 15, and then in 1984 Dominic Earl left the UK to discover new horizons on the continent. Dominic Earl joined up with Niko Etxart as the guitarist of his band "Hapa Hapa" and has equally produced several artistes from Euskadi with whom he now tours regularly in the USA. Read this page about Dominic Earle including biography, discography and pics. - go to :
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