Halfnelson Sparks Biography - Thaddeus James Lowe

Thaddeus James Lowe - producer of Sparks' Bearsville second Lp.
Thaddeus James Lowe in 1972
The man who engineered and produced :
Thaddeus James Lowe - Sparks Self Titled Album
James Lowe - Sparks - A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing Lp

Thaddeus James Lowe (producer). Thaddeus James Lowe was the singer of the Electric Prunes a legendary band who had had a hit in the 60's with a song called "I Had Too Much To Drink Last Night". Thaddeus James Lowe was with Todd Rundgren and Miss Christine (ex-GTO's) when they went to see Halfnelson practice out in "The Doggie Bed Factory". - read more...

Thaddeus James Lowe had engineered Nazz and Runt and a few other albums with Todd Rundgren and that is why he became involved. Thaddeus James Lowe engineered the "Halfnelson/Sparks" very first album which was produced by Todd Rundgren. Todd was doing some other project and couldn't produce the second album so Sparks asked Thaddeus James Lowe if he would be interested. Thaddeus James Lowe did "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" Lp as a producer. - read more...

Once he heard Sparks/Halfnelson, Thaddeus James Lowe became entranced with the "left handed" approach they were taking to music since he had tried a version of that with The Electric Prunes a few years earlier. Thaddeus James Lowe used his full name on that album because it was special to him (He has never used it on anything else).
Thaddeus James Lowe stopped making records in part because "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" was not successful. It was a deal he made with his wife saying : "If this thing doesn't qualify as a good album I will find something else to do."... Thaddeus James Lowe went into the film business !
Twenty five years ago, Thaddeus James Lowe bought 20 or so acres in a remote part of Southern California, in the hills north of Santa Barbara. At the top of one of the hills he built a beautiful home. - and he built it himself ! Then this remote area became very popular with movie stars and wealthy exectives.

In this house, Thaddeus James Lowe & original members of the Electric Prunes had started recording some tracks during the summer of 1999. For the first time in over 30 years, the original Electric Prunes line-up have reformed to release an album called "Artefact". A brand new Electric Prunes Cd is still in progress featuring original Sparks' drummer Harley Feinstein on some tracks ! - Read more...

Nota : Most of informations regarding Thaddeus James Lowe, The Electric Prunes and the Sparks' "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" Lp were obtained directly from Thaddeus James Lowe himself who is a very nice person. Other ones came from Ruud Swart & Carl Van Breukelen's Sparks website and from Harley A. Feinstein. To read more about Thaddeus James Lowe & The Electric Prunes go to the official website : http://www.electricprunes.net

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