Sparks Photos - The Maels visiting The Louvre at Paris

Sparks Photos In Paris - The Maels visiting The Louvre
Sparks in front of the building of The Louvre
The Maels au Musée du Louvre (photo Jean-Yves Legras)
In the mid seventies, due to the huge success of Sparks in Europe, Island Records planned numerous photo sessions. So in 1975, as the band had to play in Paris, France, Ron and Russell Mael did a photo session at "The Louvre". By a rainy day they went to the Parisian Art Museum, and if it's well known that the Maels were involved in arts, maybe this visit was a reference to the song from "A Woofer InTweeter's Clothings" album too. - read more...

Famous photographer Jean-Yves Legras from "Best Magazine" was by their sides. At this times Jean-Yves Legras was one of the finest international rock'n'roll photographer. Later, he shot Sparks during the concerts the band played at the "Olympia" and Jean-Yves Legras' photos were used for several sleeve covers of Sparks Island singles french pressings. - read more...

Few weeks later, "Best Magazine" published the photos and this review from 1975 still remains the best one about Ron and Russell Mael in the french rock press ever. In France, in the mid-seventies, "Best Magazine" was the second most popular rock magazine, the best-selling one was "Rock & Folk" magazine which still exists nowadays.
Twelve photos were published in that "Best Magazine" issue. Three of the pics are in full color, others are in black & white, but each photo was annotated in a very humoristic way by Ron Mael himself. Ron Mael's commentaries were originaly printed in french, indeed...

Sparks Photos In Paris - The Maels atThe Louvre
1. Some of Ron and Russ' Parisian friends have told them to go to The Louvre. The Maels are disappointed : "The Louvre" ain't the new François Truffaut's movie... Nevertheless they decide to enter this "World Of Art".
Sparks Photos and Pics In Paris - The Maels
2. An amateur artist is trying to reproduce Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The work is not so bad but Ron Mael has discovered what is wrong : The forger uses Cobalt blue instead of Prussian Blue. What a pitiful mistake !
Sparks Photos In Paris - Ron & Russ Mael at The Louvre
3. A good exemple of The Louvre chief conservator's modern artistic sensibility. Here is a nice quite unreleased Mondrian's creation titled "Six Squares with an Easel". Note : Piet Mondrian is a Dutch Neo-Plasticist Painter.
Sparks Whomp That Sucker Ron & Russell Mael
4. Ron Mael and Russell Mael are surrounded by students. That picture is another visual proof about how the french youth of today is fascinated by art. Ron helped them understand Art History. Now Ron is hoping for a tip.
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