Sparks "Kimono My House" Lp album
In 1974 Ron Mael & Russell Mael moved to Europe and Sparks became a British band. Read the most comprehensive pages on the web about Sparks' "Kimono My House" album...
Ron and Russell Mael "Kimono My House" Lp album
SPARKS / The Maels in England
In 1973 after two unsuccessfull american albums Ron and Russ Mael moved to England. They were offered a deal with Island Records so Sparks relocated. -
Studio sessions of Sparks "Kimono My House" Lp album
SPARKS / Studio sessions
The recordings of Sparks' "Kimono My House" album began in November 1973 in a variety of London studios with producer Muff Winwood... - read more...
Sparks "Kimono My House" Cd album
SPARKS / Kimono My House Lp
"Kimono My House" is many people’s favourite Sparks recording. This album was born out of the Maels’ excitement of starting a new life in England. -
Halfnelson self-titled Bearsville album Lp
SPARKS / Martin Gordon
When bassist Martin Gordon ventured to enquire what did Ron Mael wanted in a bass player, the keyboardist responded "A Lennon to my McCartney"... - read more...
Single from "Kimono My House" by Sparks
SPARKS / The very first single
Ron Mael arrived in England without any new songs. One day he came up with a classically-tinged tune and something happened with this song... - read more...
Sparks "Kimono My House" - guitarist Adrian Fisher
SPARKS / Adrian Fisher
Adrian Fisher always wanted to 'butch things up a bit'. He was a great instrumentist and long endings with guitar solos became the norm, for a while... -
Photos and pics from Sparks "Kimono My House" album
SPARKS / Kimono pics & photos
The sleeve for the "Kimono My House" Lp was way ahead of its time : no band name or title, just two japanese women on a green background. - read more...
Sparks "Kimono My House" - drummer Dinky Diamond
SPARKS / Dinky Diamond
Norman "Dinky" Diamond was a good-natured middle-man. But with Sparks Dinky Diamond established himself as one of rock music's finest drummer. -
Sparks "Kimono My House" at Top of The Pops
SPARKS / TV Show & video
Music videos hadn’t been invented at the time, but Island decided to make a video of the first single. Then the band was asked for Top Of The Pops... - read more...
Kimono My House early rehearsals
SPARKS / Early rehearsals
Consolidated by the addition of Martin Gordon, Adrian Fisher & Dinky Diamond, the new look Anglo-Sparks began rehearsals in autumn 1973... -
Sparks Island Records singles from Kimono My House album
SPARKS / Island Singles
A page featuring almost all the singles with pic sleeves Island Records label realeased during Sparks British years, from 1974 up to 1976. -
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Russell Mael and Ron Mael in Paris
SPARKS / The Louvre Museum
In 1975, as Sparks had to play in Paris, France, Ron & Russell Mael did a great photo session at The Louvre Museum and Ron wrote his comments. -
American corner from Kimono My House
SPARKS 1969-1973
the early years of the Maels
from Kimono My House to Propaganda
SPARKS 1974-1975
Sparks Propaganda album
to the Sparks Big Beat album
SPARKS 1976-1977
the Maels moved to New York
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