Sparks Propaganda album
Sparks recorded Propaganda immediately after the smashing British reception of Kimono My House. Propaganda retained the same producer and the album was a definitive work.
Sparks Mael Propaganda
SPARKS / First British Tour
In 1974 the Maels became teen idols in England.
Sparks started their first major British tour with a new lineup and recorded the "Propaganda" Lp. - read more...
Sparks "Propaganda" - guitarist Trevor White
SPARKS / Trevor White
Singer and guitarist Trevor White from Jook joined Sparks in 1974. He toured with the band and recorded "Propaganda" and "Indiscreet" albums. -
Sparks "Propaganda" Cd album
SPARKS / Propaganda Cover
The Propaganda album concept launched a succession of photos depicting Ron Mael and Russell Mael in very embarrassing situations. -
Sparks "Propaganda" - bassist Ian Hampton
SPARKS / Ian Hampton
Bassist Ian Hampton from Jook joined the band after the "Kimono" Lp was released. Ian loved working with Sparks and he's still closer with the Maels. -
Sparks live "Propaganda"
SPARKS / Live In Paris, France
The first gig Sparks performed in Paris was played at the Olympia Theatre. Songs performed were from "Kimono" & "Propaganda" albums. - read more...
Sparks "Propaganda" - - drummer Dinky Diamond
SPARKS / Dinky Diamond
Norman "Dinky" Diamond will forever be fondly remembered for his outstanding drumming work on "Kimono", "Propaganda" and "Indiscreet". -
Sparks Propaganda Bootleg Live in Croydon, UK
SPARKS / Live In Croydon, UK
The first-ever Sparks bootleg album, "One And A Half-Nelson" (The Instant Darlings Recorded Live) was made during the second major British tour. -
Sparks "Propaganda" - guitarist Adrian Fisher
SPARKS / Adrian Fisher
Adrian Fisher played guitars on albums "Kimono My House" & "Propaganda" albums. He was one of the best guitar players around in that 70s era. -
Singles from "Propaganda" by Sparks
SPARKS / Rare Relativity Lp
Some of b-sides and unreleased tracks from the "Propaganda" Lp can be found on the scarce french promotional album "Relativity". -
Sparks and Jacques Tati
SPARKS / Jacques Tati's film
Ron & Russ Mael were to be in Jacques Tati's film "Confusion". Unfortunately due to French director's declining health, the film didn't get met. -
Ron Mael's RMI Electra-piano on "Propaganda"
SPARKS / Ron Mael's Piano
Ron Mael's RMI Electra-piano gave that unique percussive power that drove Sparks' songs on. The keyboardist mainly used two RMI models... -
Sparks "Propaganda" - Don Kirshner Rock Concert
SPARKS / Don Kirshner Show
Sparks' "Propaganda" Lp was released in America in 1975 and the band soon appeared in a barrage of television appearances including the DKRC. -
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