Sparks Big Beat album
By 1976, Sparks were no longer the darlings of British glam rock so Ron & Russell Mael returned to the States to record "Big Beat" which became their final record for Island label.
Sparks Mael Big Beat
SPARKS / Back In The USA
In the mid- '70s Ron & Russell Mael saw the emergence of the Punk movement and moved to New York City to record their sixth album "Big Beat". -
Sparks "Big Beat" - drummer Hilly Michaels
SPARKS / Hilly Michaels
Drummer Hilly Michaels was known for his incredible timing and energy on albums. He played on Sparks' "Big Beat" album and toured with the band. -
Sparks Big Beat Album
SPARKS / Big Beat Sessions
The Sparks' "Big Beat" album was recorded at renowed Mediasound Recording studio in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, during August 1976. -
Sparks "Big Beat" - guitarist Jeff Salen
SPARKS / Jeffrey Salen
Punk pioneer of the "new wave" scene in NYC Salen was a founding member of Tuff Darts. Active in many studio sessions he played on "Big Beat" album. -
Sparks Live at The Bottom Line NYC
SPARKS / Live Bottom Line
During winter '76 Sparks played a gig at "The Bottom Line" club, NYC. Regenerated and revamped the band hit audiences with the new tunes. -
Sparks "Big Beat" - bassist Sal Maida
SPARKS / Sal Maida
Milk'n'Cookies bassist Sal Maida played on "Big Beat". He can be seen in the "Rollercoaster" movie with a very nice blue Rickenbacker 4001 bass. -
Sparks Island Records singles from Big Beat
SPARKS / Island Singles
A page featuring almost all the singles with pic sleeves Island Records label realeased during Sparks British years, from 1974 up to 1976. -
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Sparks Big Beat Rollercoaster Movie
SPARKS / Rollercoaster Movie
Sparks appeared in performance in the 1976 blockbuster motion picture "Rollercoaster". The Sparks appearance was too brief but very empressive and fun. - read more...
American corner from Sparks Big Beat
SPARKS 1969-1973
the early years of the Maels
Kimono My House era from Sparks Big Beat
SPARKS 1973-1974
the glorious Kimono My House era
from Big Beat to Propaganda
SPARKS 1974-1975
Sparks Propaganda album
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